Shoelaces in wholesale

Shoelaces are used to tie shoes. Shoe laces are usually in the form of a pair of string laces, each of which is used for one shoe lace. This product is used to adjust the firmness of the shoe so that it can be loosened or tightened depending on the conditions of the person who wears the shoe.

Each shoelace is usually hooked to the shoe through the holes located on the two upper edges of the shoe. Loosening it causes the shoe to come off the foot and tightening it causes the shoe to stay on the foot. Usually, different shoes, including sports, boots and some formal shoes, use shoelaces. Shoes that use synthetic leather can also be laced.

Components of shoelaces

The shoelace consists of two separate parts. It has a two-headed part called an eyelet, which is a raised and stiff part that helps it pass through the holes in the shoe. The other part of the shoelace is the part between its two ends, which is usually soft and rope-like.

eyelet are actually the components that hold the straps together. They are the hard, pointed lugs at the end of the string of laces that allow the wearer to quickly thread the lace through the holes in the shoe. They are very practical and usually made of plastic or metal. These pieces usually have a simple appearance, but sometimes some of these eyelet are produced with special designs and made of copper or brass.

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