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Full Grain Leather: This type of leather is also called pure leather. The fibers of this leather have been made in the strongest and most durable possible form that causes no cracking, exfoliation, moisture resistance, rupture or perforation, each piece of the appearance of perfect leather, narrates the story of animal life and tanning practices, All symptoms and irregularities have been preserved, the wounds that suffer from a fence of barbed wire or cactus or insect bites, even trademarks are well seen on this leather, anyone who owns a full -fledged leather knows that with age, with age This leather becomes more beautiful and has been added to its spiritual richness over the years, it has a completely distinct smell, is not colorable and is precisely the color of the animal’s skin, in short, the best leather is the perfect grain; But keep in mind the price is very high. In fact, whole grain leather is a leather that is not subject to various processes such as sanding or shine, and so on to eliminate appearance defects (marks that are naturally present). The remaining seeds on the leather make it more durable and durable. These seeds also have a breathing capability, which causes less moisture in longer contact. This type of leather is rusty throughout its lifetime rather than losing its color and on its on -the -life. Leather furniture and quality leather shoes are often made of whole grain leather. Complete granular leather is often complemented as aniline and semi -aniline leather.

What is full -grain leather and what is the process of producing and producing it?

What is full -grain leather and what is the process of producing and producing it?

For a brand of reputable leather products, in addition to the accuracy and quality of sewing and cutting, another factor that is very important is the type and quality of the leather. That’s why we are going to look at the best type of leather, full -grain leather.

full grain leather is also known as complete grain leather. full -grain leather is the most durable and strongest part of the skin, which is located exactly under the hair and does not sand or smooth. We know, however Modified seed leather is completely smooth and sanding. Since the whole grain leather is in the most intact state, it maintains the features of a natural leather and creates a patina after a while.

full -grain leather is often paid with aniline. full -grain leather is stained with this method, and at the same time the natural grains of the leather surface are preserved. Paying all -grain leather with such elegance allows the leather to breathe. In other leather, especially the modified grain leather, a thicker coating is placed on the leather. All grain leather is the highest quality leather, so the highest quality leather products are made of this type of leather.

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What is the appearance and appearance of the full grain leather?

In full grain leather, all the natural effects and spots of the skin remain on the surface and are visible with the eye. Many argue that this all -grain leather feature has added to some kind of index feature.

The greater strength, the use of the outermost layer of the skin and keeping the seeds of this type of leather (unlike modified leather that sand and smooth to make it look uniform) to make it more durable and durable. The whole grain leather closes the patina after a while and the color changes. The formation of patina on unprocessed leather parts occurs faster and is considered as a favorable feature of leather.

Leather patina

On the smooth and intact surface of the whole grain leather you can see the pores and hair follicles that indicate the high quality of the leather. Other features of all -grain leather include fat wrinkles, growth lines, natural changes in the grain tissue, shadows on its surface, as well as small wounds.

Natural and first -class leather derived from the skin are unique, and the reason is that each skin is different. Each skin has its own symptoms and spots. For this reason, when you look at or deal with all -grain leather, after a while you will find that no two skin is exactly the same.

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What is the full grain leather procedure?

All -grain leather surfaces are leather surfaces made of all -grain leather. The leather surface is a part of leather products made entirely of leather. For example, in leather shoes, the area of the shoe made of leather is called leather.

How does full grain leather get?

The whole grain leather comes from the skin just under the hair. The whole grain leather is made of the outermost layer of the skin and is therefore much more durable and its fibers are much tighter.

In the world -class leather industry, all -grain leather may be made from goats, sheep and even bohemian animals such as crocodiles, ostrich and kangaroo; But cow’s skin is usually used to produce and produce leather.

Most of the products available in modern leather stores are made from top -notch leather, cow and sheep.

full -grain leather

How is full -grain leather made?

The process of leather production consists of three main stages of preparation, tanning and scaling. However, the fourth stage may be the place where the leather level is paid or coated is also added to the leather production process.

Preparation of full grain leather

In the first step, the skin is prepared. This step may include some of the following steps, respectively:

  • To protect the skin and not temporarily rot, the skin is flipped.
  • To clean the skin, wash it with water.

At this stage the limestone operation is performed; At this point, the protein and natural fats are removed from the leather by soaking the leather in the alkaline solution.

Next, the hair and wool of the skin and then the subcutaneous and skin of the skin are removed.

The skin is divided into horizontal layers. This different layer consists of the whole grain (top grain) and real skin. Natural leather and suede are made from real skin layer.

To remove the skin protein, the lime is sprayed and then detoxified to remove the chemicals. During the loss of limestone, more protein is removed from the skin when applying protein protein. This step helps to soften the skin.

Then, through a sub -process, the internal fat of the skin is eliminated.

At this point, the skin is stained and lifted in the cleansing solution. Putting the skin in a cleansing solution helps to reduce the pH level of the acid area and to penetrate better. Then the cleansing solution is removed from the skin; This helps to penetrate the skin better some specific tanning factors.

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