Raw Materials EVA for shoe making



For shoe making, EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) is commonly used as a raw material. EVA is a type of foam that offers cushioning, flexibility, and durability. It is lightweight and provides excellent shock absorption, making it ideal for the midsole and insole components of shoes.

To use EVA as a raw material for shoe making, manufacturers typically start with EVA sheets or blocks. These can be sourced from suppliers specializing in shoe-making materials. The EVA is then cut and shaped into the desired sizes and forms using a die-cutting machine or molds.

In addition to EVA foam, other materials such as fabrics, adhesives, and reinforcements are also used in shoe manufacturing. These materials are combined with the EVA components to create the upper, outsole, and other parts of the shoe.

Overall, EVA is a popular raw material choice in the shoe-making industry due to its lightweight properties, cushioning abilities, and flexibility.

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